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Prudential Life Organizes Health Walk For Its Bancassurance Partners

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, one of the leading life insurers in the country, organized a 10km health walk. The health walk was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and as a bonding activity amongst its Bancassurance partners namely Societe Generale Bank, Fidelity Bank, Cal Bank, Zenith Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank. The company’s insurance agents […]

Prudential Life Insurance launches Ghana’s first “Never Lapse” Product Feature

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana has launched another groundbreaking insurance solution – the “Never Lapse” or always active product feature that guarantees policyholders their benefits throughout their policy’s term irrespective of life’s circumstances. The Never Lapse feature alleviates one of the major concerns Ghanaians have about insurance. This is that unforeseen circumstances might lead them to […]