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Prudential Travel Insurance Plan

The Prudential Travel insurance plan provides insurance for losses incurred during your travel from your country of residence or citizenship.
ProductScope of Coverage
EuropeEurope / Schengen Countries
PearlWorldwide I / Worldwide
StudentWorldwide / Zone I
TravellerWorldwide / Worldwide I

Worldwide rates are higher than worldwide 1 rates for the same product.



Medical & Emergency Assistance

  • Medical Expenses & Hospitalization of the Insured Abroad (costs of surgery, medical fees, and pharmaceutical products): up to USD150,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation of the insured (in the event of an accident or sudden illness): up to USD150,000
  • Emergency Dental Care (for the treatment of pain, infection, and removal of the tooth/teeth affected) up to USD 1,000
  • Repatriation of the Mortal Remains when the insured passes on: up to USD 30,000
  • Repatriation of Family Member Travelling with the Insured should the Insured be hospitalized due to sudden illness or accident for more than ten days or deceased: up to USD 10,000
  • Emergency Return Home Following Death of a Close Relative when the Insured’s trip/journey is interrupted by the death of a close relative up to USD 5,000
  • Travel of One Immediate Family Member should the Insured should be admitted to hospital for more than five days as a result of an accident or illness covered in the policy Max USD 1000/-day

Personal Assistance Services

  • 24 Hours Assistance Services: Medical Assistance, Legal Assistance, Pre-Departure Services (provision of information about immunization, passport or visa requirements, weather and warnings about travel to certain locations), International General Assistance (translation and communication for the Insured during emergencies and travel problems.
  • Delivery of Medicines up to USD 5,000
  • Hijacking in Means of Public Transport USD 250/hr up to 6000
  • Location and Forwarding of Personal Effects


  • Loss of Passport, driving license, national identity card abroad up to USD 500
  • Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage up to USD 2500
    • Per Bag up to USD 1250
    • Per Item up to USD 125

Personal Accident in Means of Public Transport

  • Accidental Death Occurred in Means of Public Transport up to USD 50,000
  • Permanent Disability % of the principal sum as per scale
  • Permanent Total Disability up to USD 50,000

Personal Liability

  • Advance of Bail Bond up to USD 10,000
  • Personal Civil Liability up to USD 50,000
  • Legal Defense Abroad up to USD 5,000

Cancellation or Curtailment

  • Trip Cancellation Expenses up to USD 2,000

Losses & Delays

  • Delayed Departure up to USD 1,000

Optional Covers

  • Winter Sports


The benefits you are entitled to are tied to the plan chosen.

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  • Schengen / Europe: All European countries including the Schengen Area.
  • Worldwide: Provides worldwide coverage excluding the country of Residence.
  • Worldwide1: Provides worldwide coverage excluding the country of Residence, USA, Australia, Japan and Canada.
  • Zone I: Excluding Country of Residence, Canada and USA

Covered lives may be:

  1. An individual or a group of individuals on the same policy.
  2. The group policy can take over 400 people.

Insured: 3 months old to 81 years at policy inception. (All ages above 81 can only be insured under the Schengen/Europe plan.

Children: under 18 years old must have an independent policyholder who is above 18 years.


Premiums are dependent on the duration of travel, your preferred level of cover and your age.
Start date of insurance policy is the date stated on the policy schedule as the date of departure.
When the insured event occurs, you or anyone acting on your behalf must call the Alarm Centre which will be available to help you 24h/24 7d/7 within the shortest possible time.

Alarm Centre / Emergency Number



Pilgrimage Protection Helpline: 8008973919/ +97317218919
By dialling our Emergency number, you will be prompted to provide:

  • Passport or identity card number
  • Assistance card number
  • Full name of injured and the principal insured.
  • The cause of the call.
  • The place he/she is located.


WhatsApp Chat: +21629677276 Please state your policy number when asking for assistance.