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Mental Wellness is key to Workplace Happiness

The global pandemic that is COVID-19 has left employees feeling vulnerable, stressed out, and anxious in their daily lives. Prudential Africa recognises that without good mental wellness, a workforce can crumble under daily pressures and stress. We have embarked on a campaign that focuses on workplace mental wellness as a crucial factor in Africa’s recovery from COVID-19 as well as an essential factor in employee happiness.

The emotional wellbeing solutions setup for employees aim to build awareness around mental health, opening up the conversation around it, as well as employing practical functions such as flexi-hours and access to off-site councilors. Prudential cares for its employees and will be actively engaging staff and customers in our new mental health options and solutions. Start now with our four identified keys to taking back control of your mental wellness:

Ask for help

Manage Stress

Practicing Health Thinking

Solving Problems

Super-charging the African economic recovery from COVID-19:
Investing in mental health

The global economy has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Africa, it has led to both significant contractions of national economies, and more people living in poverty. The journey to recovery will be dependent on the resilience and productivity of the workforce, a workforce affected by daily pressures and stress on their mental wellness.

Workplace Wellness Thought Leadership Interviews

The Stress and pressures associated with living and working in today’s world are immense. Workplace mental wellness has never been as crucial as it is now. Prudential has taken active steps to address this. Learn more with Arjun Mallik and Tetteh Ayitevie in our featured interviews.

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Arjun Mallik talks Authentically on Mental Health

Arjun Mallik, Head of Prudential East Africa leads by example, encouraging talk around mental wellness. COVID-19 accelerated the need to take action for mental health in the workplace. Mallik talks Prudential’s policies to address the issue of mental wellbeing with authentic and practical solutions.
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Tetteh Ayitevie Invests in Emotional Wellness

Tetteh Ayitevie, Chief Strategy Officer of Prudential Ghana discusses Prudential’s Emotional Wellness Policy in the time of COVID-19. Ayitevie talks about the action that has been taken to improve staff’s mental wellbeing by providing access to help, flexi-hours, as well as spending more time with family.

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