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Ultimate Classic Farewell Plan

The Prudential Ultimate Classic Farewell plan is a special life insurance product that helps you to secure the financial security of your family after you have passed on. In addition to the main benefits under the policy, there are even juicier optional benefits including an investment package.

What You Need To Know

The minimum and maximum age at entry for the main life is 18 and 59 years respectively.

The Plan covers Spouse(s) and Children, Siblings, Step-Parents, Parents, Parents-in-laws, Foster parents, Grandparents of the main life and Spouse.

The cover level for you and your spouse is 100% and 50% for all other insured lives.

You have the option to choose the type of cover plan (Sum Assured) preferred between GHS 10,000 to GHS 20,000.


Policy Expire Age

Except for children who fall off cover at age 25, the coverage under this policy would cease to be in force for any insured lives after age 120.

Never Lapse Feature

Policies beyond the first policy year will never lapse. Rather at the claim stage, the death benefit will be pro-rated based on the number of missed premiums.

Death Benefit

A lump sum payment equal to the Sum Assured will be paid to you or your beneficiary in the event that any of the insured lives is no more.

Loyalty Benefit

If all premiums for the last five (5) years had been paid before the demise of the main life, an additional 4% of the total premiums paid by the main life will be paid to the trustee.

Accidental Death Benefits

  • A lump sum which is twice the sum assured will be paid in the event that any of the insured lives passes on through an accident.
  • The waiting period clause does not apply to this benefit.

No Claim Cashback

A sum of 12% of total premiums paid will be refunded every five (5) consecutive years so long as the policy is active and no claim has been made.

Family Cushion Benefit

An additional 5% of the total premiums made will be paid to your beneficiaries three (3) months after your demise.

Hospitalization Benefit

4% of the sum assured will be paid once every calendar year if any of the insured lives is hospitalized.

Waiver of Premium Benefit

Premium payment will cease if death occurs early or on the attainment of age 60. However, all the insured lives are still entitled to their benefit under the policy. The waiver of premium benefit applies if policyholder is aged 18 to 50 at the time of policy inception. If the policy has a benefit escalator, it will cease when this benefit takes effect.

Grocery & Airtime Voucher Benefit

  • A grocery voucher worth 1% of the death benefit of the main life will be provided monthly for 3 months on the death of any of the covered lives.
  • An airtime voucher of GHS 50 will be provided on the death of any of the covered lives.

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A 6 months waiting period will apply for all lives added during and after policy inception for all sums assured.

If any of the covered lives die during the waiting period and the policy is active, the total premium paid on behalf of this life will be refunded less the policy fee.

The Lapse rule is applied only in the first year of a policy. A policy will lapse if premium is not received within four (4) consecutive months from the due date within the first policy year. Hence, in the event that death occurs, no benefit will be paid if the policy has lapsed.

You have the option to choose from any of the additional benefits below:

Cash Investment

This is an investment feature on the policy which allows you to save. You can contribute from as low as GHs20 to a maximum of GHS 50 per month. You can make partial withdrawal on your investment provided you have been contributing for at least one year.

Pre-Burial Benefit

On the death of any of the insured lives under the policy, a lump sum which is 30% of the sum assured will be paid before the burial of the deceased.

Post Burial Benefit

Twelve (12) months after the death of any of the insured lives under the policy, 50% of the sum assured will be paid.