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Dignity Farewell Plan

This product seeks to ease the burden of finding service providers when organizing funerals for your deceased loved ones. Prudential will collaborate with a Funeral Home to offer the services stated in the policy.
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What you should know

The minimum and maximum age at entry for the main life is 18 and 59 years respectively.
The Plan covers:

  • Spouse
  • Biological/Dependent Children
  • Biological, step or foster mother
  • Biological, step or foster father
  • Parents-in-law



Cash Benefit:

A cash lump sum equal to the benefit amount at the time of death will be paid if any of the insured lives pass on. This is to provide the financial support required for other services not offered by the funeral home.

Service Benefit

The selected funeral services will be delivered on the demise of any of the insured lives subject to the policy terms and conditions.
The list of funeral Services includes:

Basic Services (Compulsory)

  • Consultation for Funerals and cremation services (Free)
  • Administrative fees,Shroud kits and identification tags
  • Death Registration or Burial Permit
  • Embalming (Standard) OR
  • Embalming (Post autopsy cases)
  • Custodial Care (up to 35 days)
  • Recovery/conveyance from within Accra/Tema
  • Bathing / sanitization (including bathing items and body bag) OR
  • Bathing / sanitization and dressing for funeral OR
  • Bathing / sanitization and dressing for funeral – outside
  • Lincoln/Cadillac Herse – Accra/Tema, one day OR
  • Lincoln/Cadillac Herse – Accra/Tema, overnight OR
  • Mercedes Benz / Lincoln Hearse (4 x 4, black)-Accra/Tema, one day OR
  • Mercedes Benz / Lincoln Hearse (4 x 4, black)-Accra/Tema, overnight OR
  • Chevrolet Hearse(black)-Accra/Tema, one day OR
  • Chevrolet Hearse(black)-Accra/Tema, overnight
  • Church Trolley
  • Lowering Devices/ canopies /carpets
  • Grave marker (Epitaph)

Optional Services

  • Custodial Care (Mortuary Fees)-Additional Weeks
  • Autopsy (postmortem Services) OR                        
  • Autopsy (postmortem Services) for embalmed bodies.
  • All Soul’s (Interdenominational) Chapel including live streaming OR
  • All Soul’s (Interdenominational) Chapel for vigil only OR
  • Chapel and pavilion package (3 hours) OR
  • Chapel and pavilion package (full day) OR
  • Pavilion
  • VIP lounge
  • Pall Bearers and Transportation
  • Decoration
  • Clergy – by arrangement
  • Choir
  • Cremation (includes documentation/permits)
  • Burial plots for cremated remains
  • Head Stone
  • Garden of Peace Cemetery-Single Grave (wooden caskets only) OR
  • Garden of Peace Cemetery-Double Grave (wooden caskets only) OR
  • Securing/Preparation of grave-Tema Comm. 9 cemeteries.


There will be an additional charge if the body is conveyed out of Accra/Tema.

Limits of Benefits

Minimum Total Benefits (Service* and Cash) – GHS 20,000
Maximum Total Benefits (Service* and Cash) – GHS 100,000

Cover Percentages for the different categories of insured lives are as follows:

MemberCover Level-Service BenefitCover Level-Cash BenefitMinimum Age at Entry(Last Birthday)Maximum Age at Entry(Last Birthday)Maximum Number of Covered Lives
Main Life100%100%18591
Extended family100%50%40744

Other Benefits

Waiver of Premium:

You will no longer be required to pay premiums if death should occur early or on the attainment of age 60. However, all the insured lives are still entitled to their benefit under the policy.
The waiver of premium benefit applies only if you were aged between age 18 and 50 at the time you took the policy. The automatic benefit escalator ceases when this benefit takes effect.

Accidental Death Benefit.

You are entitled to your total benefit as specified in the policy schedule in the event that any of the insured lives passes on through an accident during the waiting period. This benefit is subject to the lapse rule in the first year of the policy.

Automatic Annual Premium Escalator

Your total premium will be increased every year by 10% (excluding the policy fee). The increase takes effect on each anniversary of the Policy Start Date.
The increase in premium will result in an increase in the Cash Benefit by 7.5% each year to protect your cash benefit against the effect of inflation. It also guarantees the delivery of the services when any of the insured lives passes on.

Conditions Precedent To Benefits

Waiting Period: This is a period from the Policy Start Date during which no benefit is payable.

Waiting Period below applies to lives insured from the inception of the policy and for lives added after policy inception.

Covered LifeWaiting Period
Main life, Spouse and Dependent Children,6 months
Extended Family12 months

Policy Conditions

Your policy will lapse if you fail to pay premiums for four (4) consecutive months from the payment due date. This Lapse rule is applicable only in the first year of all polices. Policies after their first policy anniversary will be subjected to the Never Lapse Feature

This feature is applicable to policies after the first policy anniversary. Missed premiums will not result in the forfeiture of benefits. If there is any outstanding premiums in the lifetime of the policy, the total benefit due will be pro-rated by applying a factor to the total sum assured. The factor will be a ratio of the total amount of premiums paid to the total expected premium from date of inception to date of death. In the payment of claims, the total benefit due will be first used in the payment of the service benefit. Any excess amount will be paid as a Cash benefit.
The cash benefit can be increased or decreased in the lifetime of the policy as long as the total benefit amount does not exceed the maximum limit. Changing from a lower to a higher amount will be subjected to the same waiting period as a new policy.If a claim arises during the waiting period, the old Cash Benefit will apply. Changing from a higher to a lower amount will not require any waiting period.
The list of selected services at policy inception cannot be changed during the term of the policy.At claim stage, you can vary the services (excluding the basic services) using the full service list and cost covered at policy inception. The total cost of services selected cannot exceed the Service Benefit paid by Prudential.Any additional service requested beyond the Service Benefit determined by Prudential shall be charged at the current cost from the funeral home and will be paid by the policyholder.

When any of the insured lives passes on, immediately call Lashibi Funeral Home,

  • (233) 277 561 746
  • (233) 27 7561 749
  • (233) 577 603 687

to convey the remains to their facility.

You can then visit any of our branch offices to put in your claim.

The processing of a claim form will commence only when we have received all of these documents:

  • A completed claim form
  • The original Policy Schedule
  • Any valid national identification document that establishes the name and date of birth of the policyholder and / or claimant: Voters’ ID, Driver’s license, Passport, NHIS card or Ghana card
  • A death certificate or medical cause of death or a legal document that confirms the occurrence of the event for which the claim is being made.
  • A Police Report in the event of unnatural/accidental death.

This list is by no means exhaustive. We reserve the right to ask for other documents that can enable us process your claim.


For information about this plan or to submit a query or complaint, please contact us on
Phone no: 0302 208877