About Us

As well as our businesses in Africa, we have significant operations across Asia and the US.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on how we exercise judgment in the interests of our customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. We manage risk by drawing on our collective expertise and experience.


We’re here to help our customers meet their long-term financial needs and we can do this because we’re built to last ourselves. Our longevity, scale, and resilience mean we can be depended upon.


We understand the trust people put in us and the duty we have to our customers. We strive to advance the interests of our customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders and we do so responsibly.


We identify and seize opportunities in products, services and markets to benefit our customers, our business and wider society.

Our Vision

To be the trusted face of life insurance with expertise in minimizing risk, maximizing wealth, honoring customer obligations and bettering the life of Ghanaians.

Our Mission

To create long-term value for our stakeholders by:

  • Offering financial security to our customers to meet their long-term aspirations
  • Developing our employees and agents and providing them with opportunities to succeed
  • Delivering profitable and sustainable growth for our shareholders
  • Providing social and economic support for our communities
  • Investment in the local economy to promote business growth and development

All your goals are within your reach.

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