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Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan

The Prudential Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan is a living benefit plan that provides financial support when you suffer some form of income loss due to the hospitalization of your dependents or yourself.
Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan


Daily Hospital Income

Prudential Life will pay the Daily Hospital Income Benefit up to a maximum of 30 days every year when you are hospitalized. The claim is paid if a minimum of two (2) days is spent in the hospital.

Surgery Recovery Income

Ten (10) times the daily hospital cash benefit is payable in the event that any of the insured lives undergo major corrective surgery. This excludes minor and cosmetic surgery.

Major corrective surgery is an operation upon an organ within the cranium, chest, abdomen, or pelvic cavity intended for correction and not cosmetic purposes. Examples are Hernia, Appendicitis, bowel surgery, hysterectomy, myomectomy, thyroid surgery, etc.

Death Benefits

Ten (10) times the daily hospital cash benefit is payable on the death of any of the insured lives.

Accidental Death Benefits

The death benefit will be doubled (2x) in the event of accidental death of any of the insured lives.

Summary of Benefits
The main life is entitled to 100% of the benefits stated above. Other covered lives are entitled to 50% of the benefits.

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You have the option to select an Individual Plan or Family Plan.
Covered lives may be: Main life, Spouse(s), Children and Parents. You have the option to add your parent to either your Individual Plan or to the Family Plan.

Insured and spouse: 18 to 59 years at policy inception.
Children: under 18 years.
Parents: 31-59
The Plan is renewable up to age 65.

Premiums as low as GH¢16 per month.

Start date of insurance policy is the first day of the month following receipt of a full month premium.

There is a 90-day waiting period following the policy start date. No claim will be paid during this period.

A sum of 25% of total premiums paid by the main life (excluding policy fee) will be refunded every two (2) consecutive years if no claim is made.

The processing of claim will commence only after we have received these documents:

  • The original Document of Insurance.
  • A completed claim form
  • A copy of the Discharge Summary Sheet from the hospital.
  • Identification document. The accepted identification documents at the point of claims will be National ID, Voter’s ID, driver’s license, passport or NHIS ID card.
  • Proof of relationship to dependents (if applicable).
  • Proof of relationship to dependent will be a marriage certificate or birth certificate.