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Green Ghana Day 2024 – 2,000 Mangrove Seedlings Planted

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Strategic Youth Network for Development Ghana , and The Forestry Commission joined forces to plant 2000 mangrove seedlings at Ada Foah Obane, supporting the national Green Ghana initiative.
Our Chief Financial Officer, Adam Burge, reiterated the fact that the initiative was aligned with our purpose, “which is to be partners of every life and protectors of every future.” Why is this important? Ghana’s mangrove forests are dwindling due to urbanization, overexploitation, pollution, wildfires, and climate change, threatening the livelihoods of communities like Obane. By protecting these wetlands, we are supporting the fishing industry, the local economy, and the safe environment for this current and future generations.
We are grateful for the expertise of the Forestry Commission and involvement of the Obane community, who have promised to take good care of the seedlings. We call on other organizations to join us in this initiative.
Together, let’s restore Ghana’s wetlands and build a safer future for all!

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