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Being A Woman in the Workplace Today

International Women’s Day: Women in Leadership.  As we strive for success in the decade ahead, the community of female role models and collaborators around us can be instrumental in shaping new thinking, unlocking opportunity and empowering others around them.  Prudential is proud to join the global celebration of International Women’s Day.  We all have the […]

What is Workplace Wellness in Today’s New Normal?

Employee mental wellness: an unintended effect of the COVID pandemic (March 2021) Historically the extended family is consulted to solve problems and unfortunately, that network is not as reliable as a result of COVID. As a result, organisations should provide support for employees as a routine aspect of their operations – if staff are cared […]

Super-charging the African economic recovery from COVID-19: Investing in mental health

Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town Professors Lund and Joska have received funding from Prudential Africa for research on mental health workplace programmes in Africa. The global economy has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Africa it has led to both significant contraction of national economies, and more people living […]