• Group Life Insurance assures employees that in the unlikely event of death, disability or critical illness, a multiple of their annual salary will be provided to their beneficiaries as a replacement income.
  • The Workmen’s Compensation Act 1987 of the Ghanaian Constitution makes it obligatory for all employers to make available funds to compensate any employee who becomes injured at the workplace.
Scope of Cover
  1. Death
  2. Accidental/Permanent Disability
  3. Critical Illness Cover
  4. Temporary & Total Disability
  5. Medical Expenses
  6. Workmen’s Compensation
Rider Benefits
  1. Hospitalization Benefits
  2. Spouse Group Life Assurance (SGLA)
Free Benefits
    • Company Farewell Support: We pay 10% of the death benefit premium to help the company foot transportation and refreshment for staff bills when attending the funeral.
    • No Claim Discount: This benefit offers a 10% discount after 3 years on the policy.
    • Free Medical Screening: Free medical screening of staff is organized for our clients after 2 years on this policy.
    • Travel Insurance: This benefit offers essential travel insurance to some members of the policy.
Importance of Group Life Policy for your staff
    • There are readily available funds to take care of employees when accidents or deaths occur.
    • A group life policy helps employees plan financially as it takes care of unforeseen life events.
    • It improves employee commitment and loyalty as employees know their employers have their best interest at heart.
    • It also serves as a way to attract and keep the best employees in the organization.
    • The employees are given comfort by knowing their family will be assisted financially when they are no more.
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