This policy insures the subscriber and one dependant against the loss of life due to natural and accidental death. In addition, the subscriber only, is also covered against total permanent disability and four major critical illnesses.

Ultimate Educational Support Plan

The Ultimate Educational Support Plan is a savings product designed to meet future educational needs. It allows you to save for the future financial obligations of your dependents.
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Dignity Farewell Plan

This product seeks to ease the burden of finding service providers when organizing funerals for your deceased loved ones. Prudential will collaborate with a Funeral Home to offer the services stated in the policy.

Pru Wealth Plan

An endowment policy that provides Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit, an annual family income benefit on death, a maturity benefit and a free extra cover up to five years until the attainment of age 65.

Prudential Travel Insurance Plan

The Prudential Travel insurance plan provides insurance for losses incurred during your travel from your country of residence or citizenship.
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Prudent Life Plan

A term life insurance that provides maximum protection till the attainment of age 70. This product provides 100% return of premiums, allowing term life insurance policyholders to recover all of their premiums paid over the life of the policy.

Ultimate Premier Farewell Plan

The Prudential Ultimate Premier Farewell Plan is a special life insurance policy that enables you to meet your financial obligations or to give financial security to your family after you have passed on.

Ultimate Classic Farewell Plan

A unique life insurance product helps you secure your family’s financial security after you have passed on. There are other juicier optional benefits including an investment package.
Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan

Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan

The Prudential Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan is a living benefit plan that provides financial support when you suffer some form of income loss due to the hospitalization of your dependents or yourself.