Education Continuity Assurance

This is a life insurance policy that provides a total peace of mind to both parents and educationalists in Ghana. In the unlikely event of death of parent, an agreed amount will be paid to support the child’s education for a period of time.

Group Funeral Insurance Plan

The Group Funeral Insurance policy assures members and their dependents that in the unlikely event of death, an agreed amount will be paid to support funeral expenses.

Group Embedded Schemes

These are tailored policies designed in collaboration with institutions to meet very specific life insurance needs as well as promote the institution’s traditional products.

Payment Protection Plan

This plan pays out the outstanding loan balance in the unlikely event of death and other insured events. Loans that can be covered under this plan include mortgages, personal loans, SME loans, microfinance loans, car loans, etc.

Group Welfare Plan

This policy provides financial relief to associations when unexpected life events occur. It fulfills the association’s obligations to its members by ensuring there are funds available to support them during unforeseen life events.


Group Life Insurance Plan

Group Life Insurance assures employees that in the unlikely event of death, disability or critical illness, a multiple of their annual salary will be provided to their beneficiaries as a replacement income.