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In the light of the recent pandemic outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease and the havoc it has caused around the world in this short period, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, in keeping with its value of innovation and mantra of Always Listening, Always Understanding, is introducing a COVID-19 Benefit.

This will be a free cover for Prudential’s new and existing customers, to provide them and the Covered Lives under their policy(ies) with financial support in the unfortunate event of a diagnosis, hospitalization or death as a result of the disease.

As Prudential Life’s contribution to the welfare of its clients in these times, ALL costs associated with this Benefit will be waived and borne by the institution. All new and existing customers will be entitled to FULL benefits for themselves and benefits for all their insured dependants.


Diagnosis Benefit: We will pay a cash lump sum in the event that the policyholder or any of the insured dependants on his/ her active policy(ies) are State-Diagnosed with COVID-19.

Hospitalization Benefit: In the event that the policyholder or any of his/ her insured dependants are hospitalized as a result of a State-diagnosis of COVID-19, we will pay a daily hospitalization income to cater for losses or incidental expenses due to hospitalization for a maximum of 30 days.

Death Benefit: If the policyholder any of his/ her insured dependants passes on during the policy term as a direct result of COVID-19, we will pay to the policyholder, trustee or beneficiary(ies), whichever may apply, a cash lump sum.

Summary of Benefits

Main Life/ Policyholder Spouse Other Lives
Diagnosis Benefit GHs 1000 GHs 1000 GHs 500
Hospitalization Benefit GHs 200 GHs 200 GHs 100
Death Benefit GHs 10,000 GHs 10000 GHs 5000

Who qualifies for a COVID-19 Benefit?
All new and existing customers of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana will enjoy the benefits on this Benefit by default.

All covered spouses are entitled to 100% of the policyholder’s cover and other insured dependants get 50% cover.

Period/ Tenure

This cover will be for a period of 45 days effective from March 30, 2020 to May 13, 2020.

For prospective/ new clients, the COVID-19 Benefit will be activated from the Policy Start Date of their taken-up policy.


In the event of the occurrence of the insured risks, Prudential life should be notified in writing (which can also be via our customer service email noted below or customer service hotline).

Documents required are:

  1. a completed claims form (which can be accessed via email upon request, from an agent or at any of our branches)
  2. a valid national ID (excluding the NHIS card)
  3. proof of diagnosis of COVID-19 by the State
  4. a medical order confirming State hospitalization
  5. proof of death as a result of the disease.

We will pay valid claims within 48 hours of receipt of all required documents.

Policy Exclusions

We are not liable to pay claims if:

  1. Death is not caused as a direct result of the COVID-19.
  2. On or after the start of the policy, the Covered Person(s) travelled to any country or area included in the list of “countries/ areas with active community transmission of COVID-19” as announced by the Ghana Health Service or World Health Organisation at the time of his/her travel.
  3. The covered person is in self-isolation or hospitalised but has not been officially diagnosed and hospitalised by the State.

The following shall apply to new clients only:

  1. The Covered Person(s) has already officially been diagnosed with or already has signs or symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of signing on to the Benefit;
  2. The Covered Person(s) was under mandatory quarantine in the past 14 days from the time of registration.
Other Important Points To Note
  • Cover will be provided for all clients with active policies.
  • Clients with more than one active existing policy will be covered and eligible to claim only once, under the COVID-19 Benefit.
  • A claim can only be made once in respect of each Insured Life.
  • Covered Lives refers to all lives covered under the policyholder’s active existing insurance policy(ies).
  • An Active Policy is a Prudential Policy which has not lapsed, been cancelled or terminated and on which premiums are received as stipulated in the contract of that policy.
Waiting Period

There will be a waiting period of fourteen (14) days for new customers but there shall be no waiting period in respect of existing customers.


This brochure is a brief of the COVID-19 Benefit and it is for reference only and not a contract of insurance. It is recommended that you obtain a copy and go through the Terms and Conditions of this policy.

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